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SMS Bulks
Advertising Services

We have the most effective and accurate data in the market to let you get the best results by advertising to your specific target audience. We offer a high percentage of delivery, in addition to the ability to link your system, website or platform to our SMS gateway.

We serve you by using SMS in various forms:

1- advertising bulks
2- informing bulks
3- gateway linking

We classify and categorize data according to:

1- gender
2- location
3- age
4- Special Classes
To know more about our data classifications Click Here (English) (Arabic)

For the informing bulks, customers usually used their own database to inform themselves about data messages , such as ( Family crowd, organization, schools, charity ) so we provide them by using an online platform to send their own messages with a secure connection.


SMS Bulks Prices

Quantity Expiry Price
10.000 SMS 1 Months 160 JD
50.000 SMS 3 Months 700 JD
100.000 SMS 5 Months 1200 JD
300.000 SMS 7 Months 3000 JD
500.000 SMS 9 Months 4500 JD
1 Million SMS 1 Year 7500 JD


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