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TV advertisement is generally considered the most effective mass-market advertising format, and this is reflected by the high prices TV networks charge for commercial broadcasting airtime during popular TV events.
A single television advertisement can be broadcasted repeatedly over the course of weeks, months, and even years
There are two types of TV advertisements:

1- video ad
2- slide ad

Both types have their own loyal followers and we will recommend you the most appropriate solution according to your business type.

Compared to the 90’s, radio advertising now being effective, radio stations in Jordan developed in their shows and programs into helpful and interactive programs, which makes it popular and the number of listeners is continuously increasing

There are two types of radio advertisements:

1- spots ads
2- life coverage

Prices for advertising through TV and radios cannot generally be stated because they are depending on specific details that are priced accordingly. The price for an advertisement is based on the duration, the type of advertisement, the specific TV or radio station, the time of the placement, the number of spots, the show in which it is placed, etc. However, the price can be calculated according to our discount rates, so you can simply request a quote from us to get you the best price for your advertisement. You can simply do that by clicking on Request Quote

Radio & TV

We are working together among others with the following radio & TV stations:

Rotana FM

Rotana FM

Jordan TV

Jordan TV

Sawt Al Ghad Radio

Sawt Al Ghad

Roya TV

Roya TV

Radio Fann FM

Fann FM

MBC Group


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