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Advertising Services

Our suite of services ensures that we are able to offer our clients a complete and comprehensive choice of media solutions for our clients, this means a one-stop-shop for their media advertising needs. As a client you can rest assured that every advertising solution offered, is tailored to your exact advertising requirements at that particular time. And we have several staff who cover all the bases. Speed and attention to detail are key points in a production environment where tight turnaround times are the norm, and high quality is expected and delivered every single time.

We have large production areas where banners and posters are made from the wide format machines, plus several clean rooms where the digital and litho printing is kept. All in all, it's a multi-faceted no-holds-barred printing environment, and we're very proud of what our print team can do.

Quality and professionalism comes standard. In alliance with our strategic partners, we provide advertising solutions that work, solutions that will continue to work long after the work is completed.

Department Summaries - Who Works in a Printing Business?

Good companies are nothing without good people, and we are proud to have some of the very best working here as part of the Aura Print team. We have a mix of qualified and experienced, enthusiastic staff and we wouldn't be where we are today without them. It's also true that efficient organization of staff and workflow are essential to maximize speed and quality and to avoid mistakes in either administration or production.

Environment & Sustainability

Our leaders, operating structure and corporate governance systems work together to ensure that we build Umbrella, with integrity and effectiveness, into a transformational and enduring business that serves the mutual benefit of customers, team members, long-term investors and society at large.

Our production services:

- Booth exhibitions
- Promotional & display stands
- Stcikers & see through's
- Signage, Vehicle branding
- Foam & acrylic & wood decors
- Posters
- Embossed letter signage
- Alucobond signages
and more.

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Some of our production works

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