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Why advertise by using outdoor signs?

- 70% of the people spend time during their days outside
- Unlike TV, radio or print, outdoor signs are a form of media that cannot be turned off or put down. Viewers cannot fast forward through an outdoor ad as it a part of their environment and the viewing range of strategically placed displays - like billboards cannot easily be escaped. With TV, radio, print and the Internet, consumers have the ability to change the channel, fast forward, turn the page (or even miss the page) or close the browser window.
- People spend more time in their vehicle than they do reading the paper and watch the news.
- Ads on billboards are free to consumers; you do not have to buy a magazine, cable television, or a newspaper to see the advertisement.
- Repetition is extremely helpful when you are trying to increase your product awareness, or when you simply want to get your message across to millions of people. This task can easily be accomplished with billboard campaigns.
- Billboards help to increase your products awareness, and knowledge which also increases your sales and profits.
- You cannot escape high frequency.

Check the photos below (Our outdoor advertising locations)
in Zarqa , Amman : Bridges , Wall units , billboards , spot signs , لوحات الاعلانية , الزرقاء , عمان , اربد , لوحات جدارية , جسور اعلانية

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- Another locations of ( Mupi's / 3x4's / Wall units / Bridges / Unipoles ) in Amman by other suppliers are also available by contacting us using below

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